How do I take WOW Factor Pictures

How do I take wow factor pics ?

Everyone can take a good photograph with today’s technology, right? Well… yes and no!  OK… so how many of you actually print up your digital photos? I expect not many, they just sit on your laptop gathering up space!

When you pointed your camera at your intended subject did you think about the light, the way the light hits the subject, the composition, the content etc… probably not! Well I will do a few blogs on how to take better photos so that you will want to print them up and show them off now that they have the ‘wow’ factor..

how to photograph people - group3photography in devonI love photographing people… so here goes …

How to take better people pics.

  • Think about the angle and perspective, shooting from the ground can give make a dynamic photograph, so get your subject to lie down or sit on the floor and you do the same and shoot from that angle.
  • Lighting is the all important factor as to whether a photo makes it to the photo frame or not.
    • Natural light is always best , I find light cloud cover is great as it stops those nasty shadows on faces, but what happens if it is too sunny? I recently did a beach portrait shoot of a mother and daughter where the sun was very bright … so firstly I sat my subjects on a beach groyn with their backs to the sun so that I avoided sharp shadows falling on their faces, I got my subjects to move their faces slightly so a chink of light hit their cheek.
    • To lighten the face when shooting this way you can use a reflector or an old sheet will do, this just kicks back some light in the face and gives a nice glint to the eyes. I was shooting on sand so did not need to use my reflector this time. For a change of background I then moved my subjects to sit under the large beach groin so it provided some shade, I still shot them with their backs to the sun as it was giving a really lovely light.
    • Try to avoid taking your portraits at midday, early morning light is the best as it is not so intense and strong.
  • Look at what is in your background , make sure that if you are in the park, woods etc. that there are no strange foliage or trees poking out from behind your subject. If there are people around make sure they are out of your background.
  • Focus. For a strong captivating photograph make sure you focus your camera on the eyes. it really is the make or break of a photograph.
  • To make your subject stand out use a low aperture to throw the background out of focus, I like shooting at around f. 5.6 and below depending on available light. if your background is sharp it will detract from your subject. If you are using a snappy camera try going in closer to your subject as this will cut out a lot of background.
  • Photographing children is quite different to shooting an adult portrait so I will tackle that another time. I hope the above pointers are helpful and that you have fun taking photographs.

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