Photography at Shaldon Zoo

Professional Photography at Shaldon Zoo in DevonThis month I got up close and personal with some cheeky monkeys and endangered species at Shaldon Zoo.

I was taking new signage photographs for the outside of some of the enclosures.

What a privilege it was to be so close to these amazing animals, I was in my element combining my favorite things , taking photographs and animals !

I started with the Margay, a small tree ocelot that is listed as ‘Near Threatened’ in the wild. It was amazing to see them up so close , they have the most beautiful markings but boy did they stink !

I then found myself in the middle of a family of Red Titi Monkeys, they were so photogenic with their red hair and cute faces, not to mention the little baby riding on Mum’s back. They were very intrigued by me and the camera, at one point one of them started pulling my hair as if to say don’t forget to take a photo of me !Professional Photography at Shaldon Zoo in Devon

Other curios creatures were the Emperor Tamarin, they leaped around me coming up close sticking their faces into the camera lens. They were hard to photograph as they were so quick jumping from branch to branch. I loved their amazing mustaches, they were such characters.

I loved my time with the animals at Shaldon Zoo and hope to go back soon to see my new friends !

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